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Budget Glass Pool Fencing Perth

Quality Price Quality Product


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Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing


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Let me get that door for you

Gate hinges come in polished 316 Marine Grade stainless steel and are self closing, an Australian standards legal requirement.

When you purchase hinges from budget glass pool fencing, we provide you all the required trimmings including a hinge tension tool so that you can adjust the self closing mechanism of your glass pool fencing gate.

D Clamps

Custom Made, Quality Product at Budget Prices

Square and Round engineered D Clamps are suitable for 8, 10 & 12mm glass panels and are used to secure glass panels to posts or walls in both frameless and semiframleess glass pool fencing.  These clamps are made from duplex 2205 polished stainless steel.

Hmmm... where would I use a D Clamp?

Sometimes you're pool fence perimeter doesn't or can't sit flush against back fences or wall boundaries.  


Built tough... to last

Gate latches come in polished 316 Marine Grade stainless steel. All our magna latches are from D&D Technologies who provide a lifetime warranty on their products and are key lockable.  We have never had a problem with these latches or the internal spring mechanism whatsoever.


Keep your fence looking stunning

Enduroshield for glass pool fencing is a protective coating applied to glass panels that extends the effective and aesthetic life of your glass pool fencing.  Enduroshield is especially effective against the build up of oil, lime, dirt, grime, salt and chlorine on your glass panels.  By coating your glass pool fencing panels with Enduroshield you can reduce cleaning time by 90%, giving you more time to enjoy your pool rather than maintain it.

Semi Frameless Raked Panels

Semi Frameless Raked Panels are non rectangular shaped glass panels that address the problem of step ups and toe holds for things like flower beds and window sills. These panels are available with a straight side edge or with the corner cut out.

All raked panels come in the 10mm clear safety glass with polished edges and R2 corners. They are 1200mm high on one side and between 1300mm to 1700mm on the other, to ensure legal clearance is achieved. Along the bottom, semi frameless raked panels are 1250mm and 650mm straight along with a slanting edge that meets the shorter side edge.

Solar Lights

Self activating, Self powered

Solar lights can be fitted to the top of each semi frameless post offering a soft ambient setting for your pool at night.  

All of our solar lights come with a 2 year warranty and the outer stainless steel ring is powder coated the same colour as the posts.


Semi Frameless Post Dimensions

All posts used in semi frameless glass pool fencing are 50mm in diameter and 1800mm in length, there are also half posts at 1400mm length.  We offer a variety of round and square posts engineered to several configuratons including 2 way join posts, 1 way terminating posts, half posts for wall connections, 90 degree corner posts and 135 degree 2 way posts.

Semi Frameless Fixed Glass Panels

Semi Frameless Glass Panels are 10mm thick toughened safety glass certified to meet Australian Standard ASN25 2208. All of our semi frameless glass panels are 1200mm high meeting the Australian pool and spa safety legislation requirements, keeping your family safe.

These panels come in widths ranging from 100mm to 1850mm. Generally, we recommend using the 1850mm panels to give your pool fence the most open appearance and to save on your budget.

For extra protection, consider having Endurosheild installed on your panels to resist from scratches and sun damage.

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